I think it's brilliant that you found your way here and are considering whether to invite me to photograph your wedding. Weddings are amazing celebrations full of the most important people in your life. They are often referred to as your big day, but what they really are is the beginning of a rich, fulfilling life with the person you love most. 

Amazing photographs are created when you have a trusted relationship between you and your photographer. That's why it is so important for me to develop a personal relationship with all of my clients. By getting to know you better, I am able to take photographs that better represent you as a couple. And that's what I'm all about. Photography that is both honest and creative.

If you are inviting me to one of the most intimate days in your life then it's only fair that you know a little more about me. 

I enjoy talking about and making beer, hikes in unfamiliar and familiar places, all the pups, gathering with friends and family, Pittsburgh, camping, woodworking, biking, road-tripping, exploring, food and fermentation, HBO Programming, and a crisp fall day. 





I am infatuated with the outdoors, Italian wine and the country it comes from, meeting new souls and learning about what  they are passionate about.

I believe laughing and genuinely having a good time in life is essential, and that true love is a big deal.

Every day I try my best to get the most out of this awesome life. I am a passionate guy that enjoys surrounding myself with people with the same positive outlook.

I really love photography, but not as much as I love my loving supportive wife. 

So how about you? What stirs you emotionally and gets you excited about your wedding? How do you imagine your photos that are going to tell your story? Drop me an email and let's get the conversation started!

I love traveling…..But more than just traveling. Putting myself out there when I am in an unfamiliar place, eating something I've never tried before, having a drink with crazy Russians in a German cave bar, learning to roll pasta dough from an 80 year old Italian grandma, swimming with the fishes (not the mob boss way). There is just so much amazingness out there and I want to try all of it.